Setting Up A Business

Paying your staff correctly and on time is essential to keep your team and the taxman happy. There are many problems that can arise from maintaining in-house payroll software, including the need for you or your team to always be up-to-date with ongoing changes to payroll legislation.

If you are running a business, finding the time and resources in-house to handle increasingly complex payroll issues can be a real challenge. Our payroll bureau provides an efficient, cost-effective service, tailored to the needs and size of your business, on an ongoing basis or as needed and keeping you compliant with HM Revenue & Customs.

How we can help:

Business visa applications – Tier 1 business visas still require proof of a business plan. We can help draft and advise on what the plan should include and how it should be presented.

Setting up a limited company – Not only can we assist in the formation of a limited company, we can also advise on what business banks to use, registering an office address, VAT registration, PAYE registration and more.

Taxes in the UK – We have an enviable reputation in assisting business owners to create a coordinated tax strategy that can streamline taxes in the UK and in your resident country.

Employment – Whether you plan to take on one or one thousand employees, RDP Newmans will work with you to stay compliant.


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