Karen Emanuel – Key Production

Serendipity can sometimes play a part in choosing the right accountant. This happened to Karen Emanuel, the managing director of Key Production, a company which specialises in DVD and CD replication, as well as vinyl pressing and bespoke CD printing and packaging.

When she was not happy with her previous accountant, RDP Newmans was recommended to Ms Emanuel as the office was next door to the shop her father owned.

That was 21 years ago, and Ms Emanuel has stayed loyal to the firm due to the good service provided and the professional relationship she has built up with partner David Finn.

“There is no reason to change,” explains Ms Emanuel, “David Finn has become someone I always go to for advice. He knows my business inside out and I would trust him with my life.”

In addition to this help and guidance, RDP Newmans takes care of the end of year accounts. The firm has also assisted with shareholding agreements and a couple of acquisitions – providing the required forecasts and advice – and deals with Companies House on behalf of Key Production.

“David Finn knows my business inside out, so I can turn to him to talk about any accountancy, VAT, tax or business issues that I am facing and get advice that I trust”.

In fact, Ms Emanuel finds RDP Newmans to be so “trustworthy, open and good” that she has recommended the firm many times over the years to people in business who need a trustworthy accountant, as well as anyone thinking of starting up or changing accountancy firm.

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