Ameet Chandarana – Director – Ameet Digital Limited & Reiki Mindfulness

When Ameet launched his own business Reiki Mindfulness, he wanted an accountant that was local to him and could do more than just produce figures and feed reports to HM Revenue & Customs.

Ameet, who is a Reiki Master Teacher and Mindfulness Practitioner offering Reiki Healing and Mindfulness Meditation from clinics in Marylebone and Harrow, knew he needed a firm he could trust and who would form a partnership with him to grow and succeed.

Quickly, he identified RDP Newmans as his trusted advisor as they had the scale and size to offer expert advisory services, as well as fulfil the regular financial and compliance tasks of a business.

“I needed to find a firm that could tap into my vision and provide strategic advice on company structure and provide support with the future direction of my company,” said Ameet.

“What I really like about RDP Newmans is that despite their size, they have a real down to earth, no-nonsense approach to the delivery of services.

“With all of the team, there is no jargon, just fresh, helpful advice which has played an important role in the success of our company.”

Ameet said that having RDP Newmans as his accountants felt as though he had an outsourced financial department at his disposal and consultant financial director always at hand.

“When I get in touch with them, they are always really responsive. They work as a team and pull everything together in a single place, which makes my life as a business owner much easier.

“If there is any aspect of my finances, I don’t understand they are happy to guide me and explain how I need to overcome any issues.

“Some of the events that they hold are excellent and not only provide me with the information I need but offer excellent networking opportunities for local business, such as my own.

Praising RDP Newmans’ friendly team, Ameet said that the firm’s experts were ‘knowledgeable, with wisdom that stretches beyond the technical aspects of their role’ he added that ‘they bring a lot of experience to the table’.

RDP Newmans have helped Ameet in many ways, including with the recent launch of a new service, where they helped with legal and corporate structuring.

“They have given me good, useful advice on how to not over commit myself and taken away a lot of the stress and strain of managing the business’s finances.

“Their advice is always pragmatic, with views on how to put together realistic commercial goals and how to achieve them.”

Ameet said he is proud to have RDP Newmans as he is accountants and is always happy to recommend them to others that he meets.