Management Accounts: Why do you need them?

Management accounts are a set of regular reports created to provide insight on the financial performance of your business.

Generally produced monthly or quarterly, they are essential to how you operate, allowing a better understanding of your current financial position, and helping you ensure you are on the right track to achieving your goals and not facing new risks.

Despite this, many businesses do not have management accounts, or understand the benefits that they bring.

Why are management accounts beneficial?

It makes good business sense to have management accounts, so that you are aware of your current path and the direction in which you are heading.

They allow you to evaluate past performance, as well as prevent cash flow troubles that may lie ahead, while also highlighting what needs attention to improve and fuel growth.

Analysing your profits and losses, cash flow and liabilities can help you to spot patterns, predict future revenue and set realistic objectives.

Plus, a good set of management accounts is always desirable for potential investors, as it provides a window into your financial health.

What should be included in a management account?

Typically used by owners, managers, investors, banks, tax planners and more, there is a variety of information that should be included, such as:

Balance sheet – This summarises the assets of your company’s owners, its liabilities, such as debts, and the value of its owner’s investment known as shareholders’ equity.

Profit and loss statement – This allows you to assess monthly revenue and understand your level of profitability.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) – KPIs are the goals you are working towards, such as growth in revenue, gross profit margin, inventory turnover, and how many sales you wish to achieve.

Cash flow statement –  When paired with cash flow forecasting, a cash flow statement tells you how much cash balance to expect in the future and how much loss you will incur.

We can help you prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts, providing clear information and guidance every step of the way. Contact our team today.